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Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle consultation

Work with Lea to find balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Ayurvedic medicine is a 5,000 year old medical system from India. Where Western medicine only looks at symptoms, Ayurvedic medicine looks on a much deeper level to find the root causes of imbalance or disease. 

Ayurveda works with the principal of balance versus imbalance. If a person is balanced he or she feelss happy, healthy, alert, motivated and vibrant. When a person is out-of-balance, she feels sad, anxious, fatigued or depressed. In life, we are constantly moving in and out of balance, the goal is to bring awareness to these shifts and to move ourselves back into balance before disease has a chance to manifest.

Consultations last 2 hours and Lea will work with you to take your health history determine your Dosha, or body type, and make recommendations for diet and lifestyle. 

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